Hello and welcome.

There are lots of resources for IBDP students but a dearth of material for IBDP teachers. This is perhaps not surprising; the student market is larger (and more desperate?), and vanishingly few people have the experience and expertise to build what teachers need. Thus InThinking is the only resource; I try to provide an alternative.

Who are you?

I am Jon Chui, a PhD chemist with BSc(s) in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, and Chemistry. While primarily a physical organic chemist (synthetic ion channels), my grab-bag of research experiences spans making muons in a synchrotron, synthesizing aluminium carbenes, RNA in vitro selection, and process chemistry at Merck.

Between 2012–2022 I taught exclusively IBDP Chemistry and Theory of Knowledge. With the IBO, I developed teacher-training workshops as well as Teacher Support Materials; facilitated workshops; and was a senior examiner. I started and maintained the unofficial Teacher Resources Exchange for DP Chemistry.

What do you offer?

Mostly free stuff: free stuff that only a one-man-army with chemistry expertise, specialty in teaching IBDP chem, illustration abilities, and programming prowess would enjoy building.

For purchase, there will be two kinds of assets, tailored for the 2025 syllabus:

  1. Publicly available. Progressive problem sets, at affordable prices, that anyone (including students) can purchase.
  2. Verification required. A superset of what is publicly available, and only available when you are verified to be an IBDP teacher. You can reasonably assume these white-labelled resources are unique.

Some of what is planned in this collection will be worksheets, slides, and a poster for uncertainties and significant figures; collections of data-based questions.

If you are a teacher and have special requests, feel free to reach out to me by email or Discord.