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Chemistry | Teaching | Fonts | Cantonese | Tango

Illustration | Elixir | LaTeX | GIS | Python | Blender | Rive

What I am working on
Visual Fonts 是像字體

Summon pictures by typing, usable in any apps, with or without network. Cantonese v1 now available, Chemicals in progress.

Argentine Tango

Eli and I built a cozy studio in heart of Hong Kong, teaching authentic, improvisational Tango. I support her with digital interactives.

IB Chem 2025

Interactive & offline teaching materials for the new syllabus, by an experienced teacher and IBO developer.

Visual Fonts

Astonishing and delightful, Jon original. Programmed libraries of vector graphics, wrapped inside a font so you can invoke pictures in any app, online or off. Cantonese Font is now available as a free Open Font, and Chemistry is about 6 weeks from release.

Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango is an improvisational dance that emphasizes creativity and sensitivity. Eliana is a world-class dancer and internationally sought-after teacher. We built a studio in Causeway Bay in 2022; we are growing our happy place, and offers classes from Discover Tango to coaching for professionals.

IB Chem 2025

I taught IB Diploma Chemistry from 2012. With the IBO, I examined; developed & facilitated teacher-training workshops; and organized the semi-official Teacher Resource Exchange. I am building teacher-oriented resources.

I am available for the following:
Live Talks
I'm an itinerant preacher (& student) for several things...
Scope include:
  • Visual Fonts
  • Cantonese (esp phonology)
  • UniHan
  • Elixir / OTP
  • Data literacy
HK$ 1,600 /hr
Great match if you want to learn. You will be pushed to think. Limited quota. Flat rate up to groups of 3.
Scope include:
  • IB DP chemistry
  • 1st / 2nd year university
  • Academic skills
  • Chemistry teaching
Group technical training
Scope include:
  • in person
  • online
  • includes workshop material that you can use with your students / at work right away